We specialise in Apple iPhone, iPad repair, mobile phone repair and unlocking, tempered glass screen guards and battery replacement for mobile phones and are based in Colchester, Essex.

We sell new mobile phone handsets and new SIM-free mobile phones as well as repairing most mobile phone brands.

iPhone Repair

We are located at the bottom of Scheregate Steps in Colchester town centre.

iPhone, iPad and mobile phone repair in Colchester Essex

The Phone Doctor has been offering onsite phone repairs in Colchester, Essex for over 10 years and although we specialise in Apple iPhone and iPad repairs we can repair all brands of mobile phones and smart phone.

So if your mobile phone or smart phone has broken buttons, a cracked phone screen, needs the charging port repaired, has a broken headphone jack or the battery needs replacing we offer a fast and cost effective mobile phone repair service. We also provide a phone unlocking service for most mobile phone brands and we repair microphones and speakers too.

iPhone and Mobile Phone Repair

We repair the following mobile phone brands

Apple Phone Repair
Nokia Phone Repair
Samsung Phone Repair
Sony Phone Repair
Huawei Phone Repair

Mobile Phone Repair

iPhone and Mobile Phone accessories

We stock a range of mobile phone accessories that are suitable for a number of phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and Sony Ericsson. Our mobile phone accessories are competitively priced and include a variety of iPhone and mobile phone cases, car and mains chargers for iPhones and all leading mobile phone brands.

We also stock a hundreds of mobile phone cases in a range of materials and designs plus batteries, memory cards, hands-free kits and USB kits for most makes of mobile phone.

Phone cases

Tempered Glass screen guards for iPhones and mobile phones

Free fitting service, wide range of models supported

There’s pretty much nothing worse than breaking the screen on your iPhone or mobile phone but now you can protect it from breakages with a tempered glass screen guard. It’s different from a plastic mobile phone screen protector as tempered glass keeps the smooth feel of your iPhone or mobile phone's original glass screen and allows your fingers to move on the phone screen in the same way.

The bonus is, if you break this screen, it’s cheaper and easier to get another one and your real mobile phone screen is still intact. It doesn’t change the functionality of your iPhone or mobile phone in any way and the earpiece speaker, camera, light sensor and home button on the phone are totally unobstructed. The Phone Doctor offers a free fitting service for tempered glass screens and a wide range of mobile phone models are supported. Don’t forget we also repair most mobile phone screens too.

Tempered Glass Screen Guards for Mobile phones

Memory Lane

Our Colchester town centre location

We’ve been here at the bottom of Scheregate Steps in Colchester town centre for over 10 years, but the shop has changed a bit over the years. Here’s how it used to look, long before the days of iPhones, iPads and mobile phones and smart phones.

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